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To Our Lovely Clients,


We want to share with you some of the adjustments that we’ve had to make to our salon operations. This is out of an abundance of caution for our staff, our guests and our community. We’ve made many internal changes to our salon procedures but we wanted to share the ones that will affect you at your visit.

Please come alone to your appointment. We will not accommodate extra family members, children or friends. If they come with you, they will need to wait outside. No handshakes or hugs for us at this time either please!


All guests will be required to wear a mask that hooks behind the ears (all staff members will be required to wear masks as well). We will do our best to apply your hair color without getting it on your mask. It would be best to use a disposable mask if you are concerned with hair color stains. If you do not have a mask, you may purchase one from us for $3.

When you arrive to the salon, please wait outside.  This will eliminate extra people in the salon at one time and allow us to clean the styling station.


When you come in, we'll ask that you use hand sanitizer. Upon entering the salon, you’ll go right to the styling chair with the stylist. Please wear an older T-shirt or something that has a lower neckline. We will be using styling capes as usual (which are always washed in between uses).

Guests will be seated at every other station and 6 feet apart in the lounge.

We will not be offering beverages at this time.  Clients will be allowed to bring a water bottle only if their visit will be more that 1½ hour long.  The water bottle must be sealed and kept in your purse/bag.  Drinking from the bottle will be permitted in an area that allows for social distancing after the service has been performed or the stylist/esthetician has stepped away.

Please keep all personal items in your bag.  To avoid cross contamination we require that you keep all your belongs in your bag/pocket.  The stylists' stations are only for the stylists' tools and products. 

Towards the end of your service, a member of our guest care team might begin the checkout process in the styling chair. If we check you out at the chair we will: total your service, add gratuity and your home care products (we will gather them for you and bag them up). We will bring the credit card machine over for you to easily insert your card.

Please know how very important providing excellent service is to us. These new measures we are taking are temporary until we can get back to the high standards that you've come to expect from us. We hope that will be sooner than later!

We sincerely appreciate your support. This situation has certainly brought on some challenges, but we are determined to rise to the occasion with a positive attitude and high level of professionalism. As these circumstances are ever changing, they will require our constant attention and reevaluation. We ask that you please be patient with us as make the necessary adjustments.

The Scruples Family